Assistance to a government agency in the IMI-2 MAD-CoV 2 Project to develop innovative treatments for COVID-19

Invigo assisted Statens Veterinaermedicinska Anstalt, a Swedish government agency, in its capacity as Coordinator of the IMI-2 Project MAD-CoV 2.  MAD-CoV 2 is a Project within the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 call for proposals on the Coronavirus. The Project is part of the COVID-19 emergency call of the IMI-2, which was executed under tight timelines to respond to the pandemic.

The aim of the MAD-CoV 2 Project is to build on and use this knowledge to develop innovative treatments for COVID-19. It will do this via several approaches, including engineering human tissue to test new treatments in the lab, studying how to exploit the role of ACE2, and mapping in detail the factors that are critical for virus replication. The goal is to ultimately translate this knowledge into new, targeted drugs to fight COVID-19 as well as any future coronavirus outbreaks.

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