IMI-2 lead Projects for Pfizer  

Invigo assists Pfizer Ltd. in three Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 consortium Projects in which Pfizer acts as the Project Leader. In addition to the Consortium Agreement negotiations, Invigo assists in day-to-day legal support of the Projects and is involved in the set-up of the underlying data transfer agreements for the Projects, facilitating the transfer of data within these Projects.

BEAMER aims to add to the understanding of the factors that influence patient adherence across disease areas and deliver guidance to address patients’ needs and increase adherence. The BEAMER Project seeks to create a model mapping the main factors affecting patient adherence to treatment, which may ultimately allow the Project team to develop guidance that could transform into tools and solutions to improve adherence.

Screen4Care aims to shorten the time it takes patients with rare diseases to receive a diagnosis and begin treatment. The Project is exploring the genetic screening of newborn babies using genetic testing and advanced genomic technologies. Furthermore, the Project aims to design new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify rare disease patients earlier.

OPTIMA aims to use AI to advance treatments and facilitate decision-making for physicians and patients with prostate, breast or lung cancer. In doing so, OPTIMA aims to develop a large-scale oncology data and evidence platform, which could be used to help establish new knowledge by facilitating development of advanced analytics and AI models to identify, prioritize and fill knowledge gaps in prostate, breast and lung cancer, OPTIMA also aims to develop AI-based decision support tools that could help make treatment decisions based on the leading clinical practice guidelines.

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